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Fashionable Movie Star
Member Since: October, 2016
 (hana) is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (CA). She is a level 25 (Fashionable Movie Star). 


(hana) is mostly known for her forums and looks. She makes story-type forums, creates debates, etc. She's become known for being friends with a lot of forumers like "grensnez", "AniMaeGeo", and "aesthxtic trxsh".

Hana has gained a lot of fame from awards, fame boost, and being featured in other moviestars' movies. She currently only has one movie called "HONK !! (test)". She has two artbooks, one showcasing her rares (Rares!) and one about herself (me_irl). She really likes to create artbooks even though she only makes around 1 per month. Her artbooks usually get 3-7 loves.

On December 13, 2016, Hana announced her first hiatus due to real life situations. She came back on January 5, followed by a makeover of herself and a forum called "Hi! // New Forumer". She now forums regularly and hasn't gone on hiatus since.

Usual Appearance and Style

She has dark brown eyes with eyeshadow made to look like winged eyeliner, crimson lips, and a freckled nose. Her skin tone in-game is a very pale orange.

Her overall style ranges from 'aesthetic' to 'the current theme'. She uses a lot of pastel / dull colors and avoids bright colors because she dislikes them and they just aren't her type of color. She usually colors her hair to match her outfit and uses beanies and flower crowns frequently. Her looks typically range from 1-5 loves.


  • She can speak three languages.
  • She is on the wiki under the name LiteralGarbageCan.
  • She dislikes the color yellow.
  • Her birthday is the same day she joined MSP, October 23.