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Trendsetter Movie Star
Member Since: May, 2011

absolzoey is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is level 27 (Trendsetter MovieStar).


Absol was known for all of her content equally. She made looks, various artbooks, short movies, a few movie series in the past, and also uploaded artwork of hers through the photos feature. Most of what Absol does and has done on MSP is based around or related to My Little Pony, Bastille, Monster High, Big Hero 6 and, Miraculous Ladybug as she is interested in these things.
She gained most of her fame from her many short movies, but has also gained some through being featured in friends movies or movie series.
Absol did not make artbooks very often. Her most popular artbook is "Monster High" with over 310 loves.
Absol made a variety of movies and was currently focusing on Short Movies, but she had made movie series in the past. Her first movie series was "Fight!" and her longest movie series was "The Story Of ABSOL".
In addition to what she does while on MSP, Absol is also a very active editor of the MSP wiki; however, she generally only gains recognition for this on the wiki or her US account.

At the start of 2015, Absol announced on the wiki that she would be quitting MSP after the year was over, and she eventually quit on August 13th, 2015. However, she has recently returned in August 2017.

Usual Appearance

Absolzoey has green and red "Alien Eyes" and pink "Cool Cat" lips. She almost always wears "Spider Leg Lashes". When she was not dressed up as something specific, she tends to wear some rare tattoos that she acquired when it was still possible to buy rares from other MovieStar's looks. She also loves anything to do with cats and wears a lot of Cat Ears, which most of her looks included. Her preferred choice of colors varied, ranging from gothic, dark colors, to bright, neon colors. She makes a look every time she buys a new outfit.


  • Absolzoey is on this wiki under the username AbsolTheHiroPone.
  • She has many "spare" accounts, but she has two main back-ups: AbsolHiroPone and Absol - Zoey - Ratchet.
    • She is on the US MSP under the username AbsolTheHiroPone.
  • She is currently 17.
  • She has been VIP many times.
  • She supported the teams Team Wizzies and Team Awesome for a time, but does not anymore.
  • If she hadn't joined MSP, her life would be very different.