Beloved Movie Star
Member Since: August, 2011
Taylor the Greatest

AliToons13 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). They are level 24 (Beloved Movie Star).


AliToons13, or Alex, is well known for their looks and artbooks, most of which have been deleted. They have become known through the wiki and some of their friends. They leveled up through their movies, fame booster, fame wheel, and greets. Alex gained slight recognition for winning one of Pumpchkin's contests. They have taken multiple small hiatuses within their time on MSP. When they go on MSP, they usually get information on a certain moviestar for the wiki or information about MSP; otherwise, they're barely active.
They create short movies from time to time and currently have no artbooks.

Usual Appearance and Style

Alex has light blue "Sweet and Sour Stuff" eyes, a pale skin tone, a pointy nose, and light pink "Cherry Gloss" lips. Their style is mostly grunge, and also somewhat tomboy and hipster. They often use black, gray, and white in their looks, and sometimes pastel colors.


  • Their very first account was "AliToons".
  • They are on this wiki under the username DinoBunnies.
  • Their username is based off of an artist on deviantART.
  • They once lost their account.
  • They use any pronouns.


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