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Gifted Movie Star
Member Since: March 2013
- Julian.

amberschatje3 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (IE). She is level 55 (Gifted Movie Star). She is currently 1st on the IE MSP highscores.


Amberschatje3 is well known for her short movies and artbooks, one of her movies being on the first page of top movies in the entire server. She leveled up through her movies, hard work and determination. The majority of her movies are short movies with an occasional movie series. Her short movies receive 300-700+ views each. And also she releases 3 short movies per week, but lately has been releasing more regularly. Her artbooks regularly get around 200 to 600 loves.

Usual Appearance and Style

Amberschatje3 is not to fond of making looks where her friends sometimes make her looks, but she still makes great looks for every competition. Her look is VIP lips, freckles and VIP eyes with a white and black eye shadow. Her looks have lately been getting 800 loves but regularly gets around 100 to 60 loves.


  • Amberschatje3 is from the Netherlands msp.
  • She has been top on Ireland high scores for around two years.

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