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Lifetime Movie Star
Member Since: August, 2011
Key Dc
! Emiix312

angelinatoni is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (DE). She is level 101 (Lifetime Movie Star), and is 2nd on the DE server's highscores board.


Angelinatoni gained a lot of her fame through getting top movies and autographs, with Fame Booster. Back then she used to make 5 shortmovies daily and she gifted People who watched them. When MSP had no gift limit angelinatoni gave 10 people daily their whole wishlist. But now she only comes online to go on Fame Booster. She was once locked out forever but was unlocked again after 3 weeks.

Usual Appearance

Angelinatoni has dark brown eyes, black and gray eyeshadow, peach lips, and a medium-tanned skin color.


  • She has several other accounts.
  • She was the first user on german msp who hit level 25 (old level system)
  • She is the first user on german msp who hit level 100 and 101.
  • She is already studying for a good job and has a part time job.
  • She's 18 years old.
  • "- antoniia" is her sister
  • She had over 450 million fame in her piggy bank. She posted a picture of her piggy bank before she opened it.
  • her backup is - angelinatoni
  • She went from level 97 to level 100 when opening her piggy bank, surpassing Kurzfilme----- and re-claiming 1st place.
  • She is the 4th moviestar to reach level 101.

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