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Animations are one of the many things Movie Stars can buy. They are actions that Movie Stars can use in movies, art books, statuses, Games, Clubs, and chat rooms. There are many animations you can choose from. New animations are always added with each new theme. Some animations are exclusively for VIPs or only purchasable with diamonds. Some animations are re-added into the shop for certain holidays, such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter and New Year. They consist of prices 100 Starcoins to 2500 Starcoins.


There are a few different categories for animations. They are listed below:

  • Animals & Pets
  • Party & Fashion

    This is an example, of what the 'Animations'page looks like.

  • Sporty
  • Wild & Crazy
  • Love & Emotions
  • Basic
  • Acting & Dancing
  • Poses
  • Fun & Cool
  • Fighting

Updated Animations

Some of the animations have been updated or renamed. In the following gallery, you can see some of them.

Glitches & Errors

  • Retired or unavailable animations can be purchased through the friend's tab for as long as that animation remains as said user's last animation purchase. (Patched)
  • Players can make any movie star use another's animations in movies. (UN patched)


  • The first animation that was able to be purchased was the "Walking" animation.

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