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Autographs, commonly known as "Autos" or "AG", are one of the main sources of fame on MovieStarPlanet. To give someone an autograph, click on their profile and look for the "give autograph" button.


Autos can be given and received by all moviestars. They have a time limit though, and it varies depending on your type of VIP. When you give someone an autograph, it will give them fame depending on your level. Since the new update, when you give someone an autograph you get a small amount of fame. If you send an autograph to someone who is on fame boost, you will give them twice the amount of fame. When you receive an autograph, you'll also receive a bonus from the Fame Magazine.

Time Limits

Here is a list of all the time limits:

  • Non VIP: 1 hour
  • Regular VIP: 15 minutes
  • Super VIP: 7 and a half minutes
  • Elite VIP: 4 minutes
  • Star VIP: 2 minutes

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