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The Beauty Clinic is a feature in the Shopping section of MovieStarPlanet where you can change the look of your facial features. You can buy eyes, eyeshadow, noses, lips and skin tones from there.
  • Inside the Beauty Clinic (Female)
  • Inside the Beauty Clinic (Male)


There's a few categories in the Beauty Clinic. here's the categories:

  • Eyes
  • Eyeshadow/Highlighter
  • Nose
  • Lips
  • Skin


There were things added and edited in the Beauty Clinic due to its style or errors:
  • Eyes and lips added in shop around 2013
  • Eyes and nose added in the shop in 2014
  • The beauty clinic with the new eyes added. (2017)
  • The beauty clinic with the contour added. (2017)
  • Around 2012, a new pair of eyes called "Pretty Perfect" and "Perfect Pout" lips were added to the Beauty Clinic from a competition/theme
  • In late 2013, the Beauty Clinic was updated and the eyes were replaced with blinking eyes. The eyeshadow category was also added.
  • In 2014 from a competition/theme, a pair of eyes and a nose was added to the Beauty Clinic
  • In late 2015, the Beauty Clinic has updated again, this time adding a bunch of new eyes, noses, and eyeshadows to girls, & a few eyes & eyeshadows to guys.
  • In late 2016, the Beauty Clinic was updated once more with many lips.
  • In early 2017, the shops were updated with new eyes, eye-shadows, lips, and noses. These included piercings, contour and cartoon eyes.


  • As said, in 2014 MovieStarPlanet updated and fixed errors on the eyes in the shop.
  • The "Perfect Pout" lips were once non-VIP in 2011.
  • To get access to the eyeshadows, you have to buy new eyes.
  • New lips were tested on the Irish server before being bought over to all the other servers.
  • A lip was added to the clinic that resembled the "Cherry Gloss" lips with a heart. It was initially non-VIP before it became VIP exclusive.


  • Before update
  • After update
  • Before update
  • After update

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