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Black Knight 777
Hot Topic Movie Star
Black Knight 777
Member Since: July 2013
ruby right
/ RareHare /
Black Knight 646

Black Knight 777 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet. (UK) She is level 38. (Hot Topic MovieStar)


Black Knight 777, also known as 777, is known for her YouTube channel and hacker hunting series. She does hacker hunting and "just for fun" videos. She has a series called "If Pixi Star was..." on her youtube channel. She makes CreepyPasta movies on her account on the UK server, and she is the leader of "Team Rebels", a hacker hunting team.

Online, she usually hacker hunts, does mailtime, records joke videos, or random videos. Her fans and supporters help her level up, and she is a well known youtuber. Because of being a well known youtuber, 777 receives a lot of support from her fans.

Usual Style and Apperance

777 has light pink "Cool Cat" lips, dark brown "Pretty Perfect" eyes and normally has black and purple outfits. She also wears looks she gets from her mailtime. Her style is often rebellious, and she normally wears tomboyish clothing


  • She is on this wiki under the username Black knight 777.
  • She is a hacker hunter.
  • Her YouTube channel can be found here.
  • Her twitter can be found here.
  • She was locked out before.
  • She is on the US server under the same username.
  • She has won some competitions.

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