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Boonies are one of the two pet types on MovieStarPlanet. They do not sell the old versions of boonies anymore.

Care Taking

If you don't take care of your boonie daily, the amount of starcoins you originally owe increases. Food costs 3 StarCoins and can be fed to your boonie every 6 hours. You can also give them food that costs diamonds to level them up instantly. If you see flies lurking around your boonie, that means your boonie needs to be washed, which can be done by clicking the soap icon, and then hovering your mouse over your boonie in slight motions. If you don't take care of your boonie for a couple of days, it will become sick and have to be fed medicine, which costs 20 StarCoins. You can also play soccer (football) with your pet. All of these things contribute XP to your pets to level them up.

Event Boonies

Event boonies are boonies which are awarded to players who complete all the quests in the related event(s). Once an event ends, the boonies are no longer obtainable.

Glitches & Errors

  • Some boonies are shown in later stages in the shop on the mobile app. This is believed to a result of the app using files from the related advertisements.
  • If you take your boonie in a gaming room, you'll be able to move around.


  • Boonies are used in the pop-up messages.
  • In the real world, "Boonies" is a slang term for "Boondocks".
    • There is a hat which was named based on this term.
  • In English slang, "Boonie" refers to a type of party.
  • The max level for Boonies is 100.
  • Players can receive coins by giving love to boonies in their own rooms when on the mobile app.
  • You can only recycle old boonies.
  • When a boonie levels up, the player receives an amount of StarCoins equal to the level of the boonie.

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