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Extreme Movie Star
Member Since: December, 2011

Candired is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is Level 71 (Expressionist Movie Star). She is on the 2nd page of the UK Highscore board.


Candired, also known as Candi among her friends, is best known for working with Hollyrenee on the popular group "Angelings". She states in her status that she has quit, but she comes on occasionally to see friends and fans, and support her best friend Hollyrenee and the "Angelings". She's gained most of her fame from her movies.
Candi previously made short movies, but now she mainly makes movie series. One of her movie series, "Bloody Mary", is the most popular movie series in the entire UK server. Other popular movie series include "Revenge is sweet", "Twin Towers", and "Resurrected Bloody Mary", the sequel to "Bloody Mary".

Then in July 2016 Candired quit again, telling her fans it was for the best in a Artbook which was at the top of the UK artbooks.

On the 27 of February 2017, Candi gave her account to Pollypopkins via email and has now quit again.

Usual Appearance and Style

Candired has blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes with smoky eyeshadow, pale pink "Cherry Gloss" lips, and sun-tanned skin.


  • She and Hollyrenee work together with the popular group Angelings that hollyrenee started.
  • Her ex-best friend was "Hassan!", who quit and rejoined under the username "!hassan!".
  • Her internet BFF, internet sister, and reality BFF is Hollyrenee.
  • She had announced that she was quitting a couple of times but friends, best friends, and fans had convinced her to stay.
  • Candired was 2nd on the highscores board until the new levels, which resulted in her being overtaken by Roxy-1 and Ishacool's backup, "Vintage".
  • She has an IMVU under the username "candried".
  • Candired is friends with a lot of users from MovieStarPlanet on IMVU.
  • She has a blog, which you can find here.
  • Candired also knows Hollyrenee in real life (due to them meeting up before Christmas).
  • Her fanbase's name was previously "CandiRockers".


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