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Super Cool Movie Star
Member Since: January, 2014

Cherri is a user on MovieStarPlanet (NZ). She is level 41 (Super Cool Movie Star)


Cherri is known for her short movies. Cherri's short movies are often made when she's on Fame Booster and to help friends level up. Her short movies sometimes make it to the top weekly movies.

Cherri's artbooks are very popular, and are often for advertising her YouTube channel, giving out an important message to her fans and friends, ranting, or doing giveaways for rares and outfits. Her most loved artbook is her "Rare giveaway" artbook, which has around 300 loves. Her looks aren't as popular as either her movies or artbooks and only gain an average of 1-5 loves. Her most popular look is "right now i just wish you were here" with 20+ loves.

Nowadays, Cherri doesn't create short movies as often and is semi-active on MSP.

Usual Appearance and Style

Cherri has a tan skin tone and brown eyes, which are often with spider leg lashes. She often wears piercings and a lot of accessories and jewelry.


  • She has been on the highscores ever since the NZ server was released.
  • She wasn't the first one to own an account with this username.
  • She has an account on Spanish and Danish servers.
  • She used to buy VIP all the time.
  • She and her close friend "! EllaGirl !" were locked out for 6 months. They received a lot of attention during their lock and after they were unlocked.

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