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are a special aspect of MovieStarPlanet. They provide a way for moviestars to gather over a particular subject or topic, as well as share videos, looks, and pictures. Users can also start conversations, all within the club.

Clubs are, however, not a very popular topic within MovieStarPlanet.

How to

Create a club
To create a club, go to Movietown and click "clubs" to get to the main club screen. Then click "Create Club" in the bottom right corner. Do note that in order to create a club, you must be VIP. You are only allowed to create one club per account.
Join a club
Once you've selected the club you want to join, click the icon next to the title of the club to join.  If the club is not public, you will have to wait for the club owner to accept or deny your request to join. You can only be part of five clubs at once.You can usually join on any club/group fast but if it is private/not public you will have to wait for the owner to accept the invitation.


  • Main Club Screen


  • If you close out of the editing screen(without saving) on either the logo or the background the pop-up will read "Do you want to save the ArtBook?".
  • You can be a member in six clubs if you create a club after joining five clubs.

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