DJ Lily
Valuable Movie Star
DJ Lily
Member Since: July, 2011
Bambina300001 (4th)
Paige Rocks123

DJ Lily is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is level 66 (Valuable Movie Star).


DJ Lily is best known and has become known for her YouTube channel, which currently has over 24,000 subscribers. She creates music videos and skits for her channel. Her MSP music videos were on the first page of the YouTube highscores, which has given her recognition. She is also known for her movie series called "Left Alone" which had 20 parts. Each part ranged from 1,000-7,000 views. The series has contributed to why she has earned over 5,000,000 starcoins and has helped her level up.

When she is online, she is either talking to her friends and/or fans, making looks, or creating a new YouTube video. Sometimes, she livestreams on YouTube when she is online.

DJ Lily created artbooks in the past about movie series that she made or about a competition she's hosting. However, she rarely makes artbooks now.

Usual Appearance and Style

DJ Lily has blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes, red lips, a pointed nose, and a tan skin tone. She loves to wear a variety of different colors in her outfit, all with a red blush. Her style ranges; it can be very girly and sometimes it can be tomboy-ish. She makes a lot more looks than she does artbooks. Most of her looks are named after song lyrics or song titles.


  • Her real name is Cara.
  • She is 16 years old.
  • She has an Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat for MSP.
  • Her birthday is July 7th
  • She can speak some German.
  • She has a brother named Josh (his account is DJ Joshie) and made a popular MSP series about him playing MSP.
  • She loves talking to people who message her about her YouTube channel.
  • She is ItzLilz on Spanish MSP and xcara on Irish MSP
  • Her Uk backups are called Bunneh., jadebabol, Lucy Dance and ItzLilz.
  • She is also known for her close friendship with a top ES player RichieOllie

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