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Trophy Movie Star
Member Since: August, 2011
DiaVanille is a user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is level 50 (Trophy Movie Star). She quit MSP in 2013, however returned in February 2017.


DiaVanille became known through her friendships with high scoring users, such as Ishacool, but has since created a name for herself through her movies, especially her short movies and her movie series, "My Kind Of Fairytale". Her looks are also very popular and have gotten many, many loves. She and her sister, "ShawRe", were originally in the top three spots of the highscores, until "ShawRe" became inactive and was passed by another user.

After she joined IMVU, Dia did not log onto MSP as often. ShawRe had already quit and Dia herself eventually quit as well, but returned in 2017. After the hacking of Candired and Ishacool.

After returning back to MSP in 2017 she welcomed Ishacool back..

Her sister "ShawRe" Who had also been a high level player back in the days DiaVanille was second also returned shortly after Dia returned for the RockRebel theme... Since then both account have gone inactive

Usual Appearance and Style

Dia has greenish-blue eyes, light pink "Perfect Pout" lips, and light tan skin. Her style is colorful.


  • Dia was second on highscores until she was passed by Candired and Chuck.
  • She knows Inzpiremaria

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