Exclusive items are sets of items which sometimes come with either the purchase of top-up packs and VIP, are from quests or where being given out to all players who logged in for the days they where given out. Whether or not the player receives the items with their purchase of VIP or a top-up is determined by which tier and/or package they choose, and how many items they receive is determined by which package (and/or length of subscription) they choose and the amount of items in the particular set.

Each month a new set of exclusive items are released. As of 2015, each set includes one accessory (which is normally gender neutral) or shoes, one furniture item, one hairstyle, one top (for males) or dress (for females), and a boonie or bonster.
In most cases, a one month subscription (or silver top-up pack) will come with the accessory or furniture item, a three month subscription (or gold top-up pack) will come with the accessory and furniture item, and a year subscription (or diamond top-up pack) will come with all items.


Female Tops Female Hair Male Tops
  • Boys Sorbet Top
  • Country Guys Top
  • Turtle Top
  • Ghostly Boys Top
  • Mr Goldie Top
  • Boys Candycane Top
Male Hair Accessories Furniture
  • Boys Sorbet
  • Turtle Hair
  • Ghostly Boys Hair
  • Bunny Hair
  • Mr Goldie
  • Boys Balloon Hair
  • Boys Candycane Hair
Pets Female Tops cont. Female Bottoms

Male Bottoms Male Shoes Female Shoes
Female Hair cont.

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