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Forum logo

Forum logo

are a feature on MSP that allows users to write about anything. You can go from posting opinions, writing about how you feel, creating a roleplay with other MovieStars, playing a game, or creating polls. You may see some MovieStars put "forumer" in their status as a sign showing that they are very active on forums.

There are six different forum categories: Friends & Fun, Movies, Games, Help, VIP, and MovieStarPlanet. VIP forums can only be created and seen by VIP members. MovieStarPlanet forums can only be created by MSP Staff.

For non-VIPs, once you create a forum, you have to wait an hour before creating another one. To be able to comment or create a forum, you must confirm your email with MSP. VIPs can create up to three forums per hour. You have to be either level 6 or VIP to write posts in the forums.

MSP Staff Forums

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 9.05.30 PM

Forum about new levels coming soon.

The Moviestarplanet Staff are known to make forums announcing important news about website updates, specials, or interesting events in real life. The picture on the right is a forum made by the MSP Staff about about the new levels and new ways to earn fame.   


  • To be under level 6 and to go on forums, you must be a VIP member.
  • Non VIP users can make 1 forum per hour.
  • VIP users can make 3 forums per hour.
  • There is no comment limit for forums. (Same with artbooks, movies, etc.)
  • People who go on forums alot like to classify themselves as "Forumers"
  • Most forumers use the "Friends & Fun" category.
  • The only categories on forums are: Friends & Fun, Movies, Games, Help, VIP & Moviestarplanet.
  • Only the moviestarplanet staff can use the "Moviestarplanet" Category.
  • Moviestarplanet's staff has their forum's background blue.
  • Normal user's forum's background is purple.

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