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Recommended Movie Star
Member Since: December, 2014
April Cherry

GGFlowerBea is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is level 28 (Lifestyle Movie Star). GGFlowerbea is also known as "Rosie"


GGFlowerBea initially joined MSP on the US server in 2012 with the user "Rosehardy2013" but has since switched to this server. She played for a year straight 2014-2015 but became inactive between 2015 to October 2016. She rejoined and got vip and levelled up everyday until level 24. She then collected up to 1.2M fame and level up to level 26. She has recently got plenty of help from all her friends. She changes her makeup regularly and has now had her "present" makeup for almost two weeks. She has had a lot of "4thies" and "boyfriends" in the past but her latest one was "iiangelcakeii" aka Jenna. They were also BFF's as well as 4thies and still are but claims it was a msp glitch and they are going to be 4thies again soon. She sometimes puts in her status #Morebffspots, for the sake of her close friend "Prettyerinpink" aka Emma. GGflowerbea recently put in her status "BFF's with Prettyerinpink for 1 month now EE>" She is also really close to her old friend "jessica6372" who recently got permanently banned. GGFlowerbea gave her a jury account with the new user "// r a r e $ //"


  • She also has a YouTube channel called "Rosieboix MSP" on which she makes banners, icons, intros, etc.
  • She has made banners for Roxy-1, Lucky Lily, Fran Is Epic and now is making a banner for princess770.
  • She hates being called pet names like "Hun" or "Honey"
  • She normally starts out a convo but saying "Hey Babes"
  • She has a AUS ultra account with the user "pyjamagrl"
  • She accepts friend requests often.
  • She used to bff random people but is no longer doing that.
  • Her closest friend is "triangles567"

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