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Gifting is a system within MovieStarPlanet which allows players to give items or clothing to other users. Players receive the ability to give gifts at level 6 or if they purchase any VIP membership.

Wishlist Gifting

A popular part of gifting is the wishlist, which is more commonly known as the "wishy". The wishlist is where MovieStars put their most desired items if they cannot buy them right away. Sometimes the MovieStar may buy their own wishlist, but more often than not they will ask others for wishlist gifts. A wishlist can hold a maximum of 12 items, these being clothing items or items from the items shop. Should another MovieStar choose to give a wishlist gift, they can simply buy it and it will be sent directly to that person. Each player may only give a maximum of 25 gifts per day, although it used to be 10 at one point. This does not change depending on level or VIP status.

Normal Gifting

You can send gifts straight from your own personal wardrobe instead of spending your StarCoins on a "wishy". The '25 gifts per day' rule still applies on normal gifting. If you are a non-VIP you cannot receive a VIP gift (a VIP item or clothing item). The gift limit ends at 8:00 pm Eastern time and 7:00pm Central.


  • If you have already made 25 gifts, the game still says "Bought", but you haven't. (Patched)

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