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Gifts is an aspect on MSP which allows users to send clothes, items, or backgrounds or animations to people (all servers). You have to be level 6 to give gifts.


Gifts are known throughout MSP. Gifts have been updated throughout MSP. Due to a recent update, you can now send animations and backgrounds.

Anyone can receive gifts. You once had to be at least level 3 to send gifts, but then MSP changed it to level 6. You can also give wishlists, which users use there own starcoins to buy what the person either has on their wishlist, or whatever the buyer chooses. (You can't send diamond items or Vip items to non-VIPs) .

Gifting Choices

Any items to non-VIP's (VIP's can give VIP gifts to VIP's)

You can't gift Coins or Diamonds.

Level: Level 6 for gifts
What you can give: Non VIP and VIP gifts and rare, animations
What you can't give Beauty supplies, Diamond Items, starcoins, pets
Types of ways to give gifts: Gift button, Trade icon, Wishlists, Greets

You can gift rares


  • MSP has a ten gifts daily limit, but due to a recent update in November 2017, it has changed to 25.
  • You could once get VIP gifts if a VIP gave it to you (patched)
  • Gifts can be given when your level 6 (you can still receive gifts)
  • Some people name themselves "rare traders", which means they use the gifts option to trade rares.
  • You can now give gifts on phones/tablets.