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The Highscores are a special aspect of MovieStarPlanet. The highscores showcase various "tops" throughout moviestarplanet.


What can I find on the highscores board?

You can find all of the following "tops" listed on the highscores board.

  • Moviestars with the most Fame or Starcoins earned.
  • Movies with the most earnings, views, or highest ratings.
  • Rooms with the most loves.
  • Looks with the most loves or purchases.
  • Artbooks with the most loves or fame earnings.
  • Youtube videos with the most loves or views.
  • Pets with the highest level.
  • Clothes with the highest purchase rates.
  • Items with the highest purchase rates.
  • Backgrounds with the highest purchase rates.
  • Animations with the highest purchase rates.

Extra features

There are a few buttons on the top page, to show you a more precise look into the top.

  • Display highest: 'Level/Fame' and 'Earned' buttons show which movie stars are the highest rank based on their amount of fame/starcoins.
  • The check mark box 'Display only movie stars who have logged in recently' shows you the highest ranked movie stars that have logged in recently when checked, and highest ranked movie stars overall when unchecked.

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