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Holly Nova
Year Introduced: 2016
Appearances: See Section

Holly Nova is a main character on MovieStarPlanet. She is a reporter for the "MSP Buzz" and reports news about real life stars and celebrities.


  • She adds all players who are level 1 or above (players must refresh their game in order to receive a request if they achieved level 1 during their current session).
  • In the news graphic which introduced her.
  • In new graphics congratulating players who reach level 100.
  • On the 2016 Christmas Calendar.


  • She has the same unique blush/freckles as Pixi Star.
  • Her room consists of only one space (similar to how a chat room is).
  • Despite her pop-up profile showing she's a super VIP, her full profile shows she has regular VIP.
  • If her friend request is declined or she is unfriended, the player can easily add/re-add her by friend searching her and clicking the "add friend" button. The request will be accepted automatically.
  • Although players won't receive a friend request from her until they reach level 1, she can still be added at level 0 if the player is the one to add her.
  • She first appeared on the US server on May 18th, 2016, then on the UK server on May 26th, 2016.
    • As of May 2016, she's not yet on every server.
  • She is level 40.



  • Holly's pop-up profile.
  • Holly in her introduction news graphic.
  • Holly adding the player.