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Member Since:

February 2011

In Relationship With:

zack the bass1


Pandypolo, chuck , Fran Is Epic

Ishacool is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is a Level 76 (Super Hero Movie Star). She is 1st in UK high scores.

Usual Appearance

She has a tanned skin, bright green 'Pretty Perfect' eyes and a 'Freckles' nose. She rarely changes her appearance.


She recently announced through an art book that she would be leaving moviestarplanet. She said that she had had her time on the game and was now more than ready to move on. Nobody knows when she will be leaving, but she said that when she did leave, MSP players would know.

Artbooks, Movies, Looks


She has many Artbooks. They are rarely dedicated to her friends, but normally advertising her movie series's, or giving out important messages. eg: She made an Artbook telling MSP she would be unblocking people (rumour has it that she hadn't unblocked anyone yet) and telling MSP she would be leaving.


Isha has made a very popular series recently called Storm Catchers. Most parts have made the high scores of movies. She has also made three movies called 'The Truth About Chuck' 'The Truth About Roxy' and 'The Truth About Zack'. These explain her relationships with these three movie stars.


She usually has pink in her outfits, and usually green too. She usually wears 'Hip-Hop' style outfits. She lets people change colors of her outfit, but doesn't like it when people copy her exact looks - if you do she will block you.

Other Accounts

She has many other accounts. Her most well-known accounts (excluding Ishacool) are; Vintage & Missisha. She doesn't use Missisha often, and adds most of her friends on Vintage. She rarely adds on her unless you watch and comment on her 'SM's' or Movie Series.


Isha does not have a group of fans because she stated in a movie that she didn't like having groups or teams - she supports all groups. She doesn't speak with her fans because she lags badly, but she does add many fans who watch her SM or chuck's, on both her main and vintage.  

Close Friends

She and Pandypolo have a strong friendship. They met on another game, and at first she thought Polo was crazy and loud, but Polo began sticking up for her and they became good friends. When she left to start playing MSP, Polo followed her, and they have been best friends ever since.She has recently made an Artbook to her BFF, thanking her for being so amazing.

Her other best friend is the lovely Fran Is Epic. Fran and she too have a very strong friendship, and Fran appears in the vast majority of her movies - if not all of them.  Although they had an argument recently, fans assume that they are all forgiven and forgotten.

Her third best friend is her ex - boyfriend chuck. Many think that she dumped him for Zack, but according to a recent movie she made, this is not the case. Apparently, she and chuck actually broke up months ago, but didn't remove each other from the relationship spots. Since chuck is not going to be playing MSP much anymore, his brother is managing his account. According to Isha, zack has nothing to do with the breakup. But, recently zack and Isha broke up, no one knows the reason why.

Her ex BFF on vintage and 2nd highest person on highscores is Roxy-1.  After a fallout when Isha and Fran deleted her as a best friend (Fran and Roxy are now best friends again after having made up) Isha told Candired many stories of how Roxy-1 had treated her poorly.  According to her recent movie called 'The Truth About Roxy' she and Roxy are working on restoring their friendship.


  • She has a blog which she shares with her best friend, pandypolo.
  • She used to be best friends with DiaVanille & ShawRe, but both quit almost 1 year ago.
  • She has 2 other accounts: Vintage and Missisha. Both of these accounts are now above level 25.
  • She has 2 backups, vintage and missisha.
  • Although she dosent have the internet social media online social games she has IMVU
  • She is part of Candired and Hollyrenee's group named Angelings
  • Way before the new levels came and before level 25 existed you could only have 1 bestfriend on MovieStarPlanet and Ishacool and pandypolo were bestfriends then and still are now
  • Ishacool was hacked earlier on in the year
  • Before the new levels came out all of her accounts (Ishacool Vintage and missisha) were all level 25's (Legandary MovieStar)
  • Isha and Polo met on a different game, and started MSP together in 2011


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