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Enterprising Movie Star
Member Since: February, 2011

Ishacool is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is a Level 80 (Enterprising Movie Star). She is 1st on the UK highscores board, but has currently quit.


Ishacool normally makes artbooks to advertise a new series or respond to hate, but will occasionally make artbooks for her friends or to announce something, such as events she is holding. She's made numerous successful movie series in the past, but mainly makes short movies now.
Isha has recently joined with Fran Is Epic, roxy-1, pandypolo, and chuck to bring back the group "Heroes," which they created back in 2013. "Heroes" is a team created to help stop hate, spread good messages, and try and restore UK MSP back to its fun, safe server.

Usual Appearance and Style

Ishacool has aqua "Pretty Perfect" eyes, tanned skin, a regular nose and pink "Cherry Gloss" lips. Isha's looks are normally tomboy and hip-hop influenced and often match the weekly theme. She usually wears bright neon colors and sparkles. Sometimes Ishacool mostly wears light neon colors.


  • She has a blog which she shares with her best friend, pandypolo.
  • She used to be best friends with DiaVanille & ShawRe, but both quit 2 years ago.
  • She has 2 other accounts: Vintage and Missisha. Both of these accounts are now above level 50. Missisha was an account created by pandypolo which she made for her best friend ishacool. She named it Missisha because it was her original username from a different game they met on.
  • Ishacool is one of the founding members of the Heroes.
  • When MSP only allowed 1 best friend, Ishacool's only best friend was PandyPolo.
  • She was one of the highscore victim's of the hacker Anonymous in June 2012, alongside DiaVanille
  • Ishacool was a victim of the hacker "Ece." Although many people thought "Ece" was her because she wanted fame.
  • Before the new levels came out, all 3 of Isha's accounts were level 25, because 25 was the last level.
  • Isha and Polo met on a different game, Panfu, and started MSP together in 2011. They have known each other for 7 years.
  • She is thought to live in England, as during the competition in which you could buy flags painted on your cheeks, she had the English flag.
  • She announced on her blog that she had quit.
  • Ishacool used to be Chuck's boyfriend until they broke up.
  • Ishacool mostly changes her password, since people was telling her password on youtube.


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