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Member Since:

February, 2011

In Relationship With:

No one


xlovexlove, roxy-1, and JamieStar97

Ishacool is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is a Level 80 (Executive Movie Star). She is 1st on the UK high scores.

Usual Appearance and Style

Ishacool used to be known for her green eyes but recently changed them to blue. She has tan skin and pink lips, normally complimented by sparkly hairstyles and outfits, often with neon colours.

Quitting MSP

She recently announced through an artbook that she would be leaving moviestarplanet. She said that she had her time on the game and was now more than ready to move on. Nobody knows when she will be leaving, but she said that when she did leave, MSP fans would know. However, Many wonder if she just quotes her leaving for fame and attention, however nobody really will know the honest truth unless ishacool speaks out herself. Now, she is becoming less active though, which is disappointing for lots.

Artbooks, Movies, Looks


Ishacool makes artbooks normally to advertise a new series or responding to hate. She will occasionally make artbooks for her friends or to announce something, such as events she is holding.


Ishacool makes a lot of short movies daily to help her fans earn fame and starcoins. She also has made series in the past such as "The Broken Man" and "Storm Catchers." Her long movies usually get on the highscores board with up to 5000 views.


Ishacool uses lots of bright colours in her looks with lots of sparkles. Her style is hip-hop influenced but also very girly. She wears many dresses and big heels. Isha normally uses bright coloured hair or hair that matches the colors of her outft.


Isha has recently joined with Fran Is Epic, roxy-1, pandypolo and chuck to bring back the group Heroes, which they created back in 2013.  Heroes is a team created to help stop hate, spread good messages and try and restore UK MSP back to it's fun, safe server. However, Isha only adds fans over a certain level (15).


  • She has a blog which she shares with her best friend, Pandypolo.
  • She used to be best friends with DiaVanille & ShawRe, but both quit almost 1 year ago.
  • She has 2 other accounts: Vintage and Missisha. Both of these accounts are now above level 50.
  • Ishacool is one of the founding members of the Heroes  
  • When MSP only allowed 1 best friend, Ishacool was best friends with PandyPolo.
  • Ishacool was a victim of the hacker "Ece."
  • Before the new levels came out, all 3 of Isha's accounts were level 25.
  • Isha and Polo met on a different game, and started MSP together in 2011


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