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Beautiful Movie Star
Member Since: June, 2013
J A J A (4ths)

ItzJerz is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 69 (Beautiful Movie Star), and is on the 2nd page of the High Scores.

About and History

ItzJerz, better known as Jersey, is best known for her support team "Jersey Jewels", which is known to have a rivalry between Pumpchkin and her support team "Pump Porters". She often hosts many contests for her team.
ItzJerz gains a lot of her fame from her movies and artbooks. In the past, she has made many long-lasting movie series, but mainly makes short movies nowadays. Her artbooks are usually team-related but other topics include loving yourself, stopping bullying, and equality.

Along her way she befriended 100%Random and Kentar101. She call them her "sisters". Kentar101 has quit twice and has not returned yet. 100%Random recently left MSP leaving Jersey all alone. However, she has become close with the user Katsume now, who has stated she wishes to help ItzJerz heal.

Usual Appearance and Style

ItzJerz has tanned skin, a pointy nose, salmon "Cherry Gloss" lips, and blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes. She tends to change her facial appearance randomly. She generally has a "girly" style, but also makes looks to match her competitions or the current theme.


  • Real name is Yuliana
  • She has a YouTube account and a twitter account.
  • Her real name is Yuliana and it's pronounced like "Juliana".
  • Her old account was "Jerseyhotmess", which she recently got back after it had been locked for a few years.
  • She is currently in a collab with the team, "A-Listers" called "JJAL"
  • She started MSP after one of her best friends, Daniela, took her life on December 29th, 2012 because of online bullying towards her. Jersey had stated that at her best friend's funeral, she promised her that she would "change all the online bullying and not let anyone else do what she did" and she is always working towards that promise.
  • She has stated on her Twitter that she is currently 15.
  • She has 6 accounts at the moment. "ItzJerz", "Jerseyhotmess", "JerseyPie", ">Tumblr Babe<", "JerzeyKinz", and "ItzJerz Counceling".
  • She is "Jerseyhotmess" on the Canadian MSP server.
  • Her birthday is July 31st.
  • Although it says "Member since June, 2013" on her profile, her account was actually created on July 1st, 2013.
  • She is a teenager in high school.


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