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Valuable Movie Star
Member Since: January, 2014
Brad Sangre
Brad Sangre

itzfairy is a regular user on MyStarPlanet (ES). She is level 66 (Valuable Movie Star), and is on the top spot of the ES servers highscores board.


Itzfairy initially became known through her close friendship with Mybeau on her US account, "Fairydust123". She joined the ES server soon after it was created and is currently known for her placement on the highscores board. She also receives a lot of recognition through her Instagram.

Itzfairy gains fame through her short movies and autographs, with the help of Fame Booster. When she's online, Itzfairy answers messages, makes Short Movies, and goes on Fame Booster.
Itzfairy only makes short movies and has over 900. Her 189th one is the most viewed movie in the entire server with over 2,400 views. She currently has no artbooks.

Usual Appearance and Style

Itzfairy has laurel green eyes, salmon pink lips, a light tan skin tone, and a pointy nose in which she almost always wears a nose ring. Her style is mostly "girly girl". She generally wears light blonde hairstyles, and often wears the colors white, black, blue, red, and purple. Her looks almost always correspond with the current theme.


  • Her real name is Maria.
  • She likes to dance.
  • Her Instagram can be found here.
  • She has an IMVU account under the same username.
  • She has five alternate accounts: "Dazzle", "Starrz", "Loverz", "Bratz", and "StarrDoll".
  • She has 2 accounts in the USA server.

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