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Headline Movie Star
Member Since: June, 2014
Hey Its Carmen
Lovely n Cream

J!NXED is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). He is level 30 (Headline Movie Star).


J!NXED is best known for his anti-bullying group, "Team Jinxed." He started to gain recognition when he befriended Team Pump's Skrilla. He then became best friends with him and friends with the rest of Team Pump. He started making movies and with Skrilla's help and J!NXED rose to fame by receiving more than 200 views on a movie. This helped him level up from level 20 to level 24 in one day. 

J!NXED gains his fame mainly through his movies and artbooks, which is what he creates when on-line. He creates various types of movies and he updates people about what he will create next on his blog. He often creates either short movies, series, or random movies. As for artbooks, most of them are either contests or "Q&A"s.

When J!NXED is online he usually goes straight onto hide. But time by time he will respond to his messages and very rarely when he logs in, he won't go on hide for a while and talk to some of his fans and supporters and give back autos. But when he goes on hide he is usually making new movies, new artbooks, new looks, and he does pretty much what a regular person would do when they are playing MSP.

Usual Appearance & Style

J!NXED has light tan skin tone, brown eyes, black lip ring, and a freckled nose. He usually wears only black and white clothing, but sometimes he will change it up. He is more preppy,but is slightly into the gothic style.


  • He has a YouTube channel and a blog.
  • His real name is Aidan.
  • He calls his fans "Wester Friends."
  • His favorite singer is Demi Lovato.
  • He is in "Team Rebels" and is great friends with Black Knight 777.
  • He is friends with and supports Mybeau and Packers212121.
  • His birthday is on April 21.
  • His only backup account is "The J!NXED."

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