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Connected Movie Star
Member Since: May, 2014

Khloe@kardashian is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She was level 39 (Connected Movie Star). She has come back and sometimes uses her backup under the user moviestarlex1234.


Not long after joining MSP, a popular friend of Khloe's featured her in a movie; this caused Khloe to gain major recognition and fame and to level up quickly. With the help of her new friends and supporters, she managed to get her own movie, "BLOODY MARY", to the top with over 17,000 views. This was the beginning of her fame. Nowadays, she gets a lot of her fame from awards and greetings. When online, Khloe often forums, chats with friends, makes artbooks, gifts her friends, and does giveaways.
Her artbooks are usually about leveling up. Her most popular artbook is "ROAR" with over 300 loves. She only has 2 movies, her other one titled "SISTERS".

Usual Appearance And Style

Khloe has light blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes, pale pink "Cherry Gloss" lips, a round nose, and tanned skin. Her outfits usually use darker colors, such as black or brown, but does wear lighter colors on occasion. She mainly wears ponytails in a variety of colors. She is never seen without earrings. Her style is a mixture of tomboy and girly.


  • There have been 8 owners.
  • The current owner's real name is Lex.
  • She adds friends every Monday and deletes friends every Friday.
  • She has one backup named moviestarlex1234
  • She recently created a second account moviestarlex1234, in November, 2016.
  • Her second account is active and her new main account.


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