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Trophy Movie Star
Member Since: December, 2013
Chyna Smith
// adidas

Kitkat341 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (NZ). She is level 50 (Trophy Movie Star), and on the 5th spot of the NZ highscores leaderboard.

About & History

Kitkat3411 joined MovieStarPlanet in January 2013 on another account. The account got hacked and deleted, so Kitkat joined other servers and ended up taking a hiatus from the game for a few months until she returned to the New Zealand server in December 2013. She then deleted her account in early December 2015 because of personal reasons, but came back to the game and got the username "Kitkat341". She deleted again in late 2016 and got the username "Kitkat3411" after returning.

She made friends and earned her fame by starring in their movies, from herself, and started to gain popularity over a few months due to her artbooks.

Usual Appearance and Style

Kitkat has a tan skin tone, brown and yellow eyes, and nude color lips. She often changes her appearance to match her looks or just to try something new.

Artbooks and Movies


Her artbooks normally receive a lot of loves as she brought in a new type of style in her artbooks which gained her lots of popularity. Her artbooks are normally about bullying, but she sometimes makes artbooks for her friends. Her artbooks usually receive about 100+ loves.


Kitkat often creates series, but never finished them due to lack of interest in her viewers. One series was called "Life Of Kit," which was based off a series she saw from another server. She received hate for "copying," but the series gained 400-700 views per episode. After not continuing the series for a year, Kitkat tried to restart it for season 2, but only made one part. The entire series is deleted now.
Her movies get on top page quickly; she mainly creates short movies or joke movies such as "Pixi star is a? ..," " I'm actually CHYNA SMITH," or her short movie series, "Mcdonalds facts." Her most watched movie is "Mcdonalds Fact 9 " with 900+ views.


Her looks receive 20-80 loves. She changes her outfit every 2-3 days, but never makes actual looks for them as she hasn't since May 1st, 2016. Her highest loved look was "Chyna & Beau [VIP]," which was a look she twinned with Chyna Smith and Beautilicious1. It has 127 loves.


  • She has a Youtube channel with 2K+ subscribers.
  • Many people call her by the nickname "Kit"
  • She has been locked out forever along with nine other users on the server due to having a friend that she trusted. Her friend had bought her diamond packs and later on refunded them leaving nine users locked out forever, but got their accounts back.
  • Her birthday is November 18th.
  • She is a teenager and is in high school.
  • She has a lot social media accounts, but chooses to keep them private for close friends only.
  • She has posted photos of herself, but she deleted them.
  • She has a Twitter which you can see here