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Lifestyle Movie Star
Member Since: December, 2012
boy rock blue 1234

KornEternal5 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 26 (Lifestyle Movie Star).


KornEternal gains most of her fame from her movies and artbooks. Her artbooks are mainly movie previews, stores, and stories. Her movies are mainly long-running series', such as her most recent one, "Horses".

Usual Appearance and Style

KornEternal5 has white skin, a pointy nose, black "Perfect Pout" lips, and dark red "Pretty Perfect" eyes. She almost exclusively uses black, grays, dark reds, and on the rare occasion, greens for her clothing and hairstyles. She only uses other colors for special or themed looks. When she's not wearing a themed outfit, her style is primarily gothic.


  • Her real name is September.
  • She plays many games, her favorites being the Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, Toon Town Rewritten, and other games.
  • In real life, she has 2 pets.
  • She is 13 years old and in 7th grade.
  • Her YouTube account is called "Angels & Foxes".
  • She can be found on this wiki as the user Freeworks.
  • Korn is farsighted.
  • Korn was level 12 when the new levels were added.
  • She loves anime, especially Rosario+Vampire & Kotoura San.
  • She is featured in 4 of Packers212121's movies.
  • She likes to watch The Boondocks and The News.
  • She's a Capricorn, her birthday is January 16th.
  • She has a club called "Korn's Popkorn".

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