Levels are a special aspect of MovieStarPlanet. Each level comes with a new title and perks.

Players gain levels by reaching certain amounts of overall fame. The amount of fame needed to reach a level varies depending on the level. Higher levels require more fame and more fame per level, while lower levels require less fame. Levels do change but rarely.

Each level comes with perks. Below is more information about those perks.

General Perks

These perks come with every level gained.

  • Fame value of your autographs increased by 10.
  • A random gift (can be chosen out of three options).
  • The ability to add more friends (maxes out at level 25).

Level Specific Perks

These perks come with specific levels.

Level 4

Level 6

  • Unlocks the ability to gift and trade*
  • Unlocks the ability to post on the forums*
  • Unlocks the ability to post in other players guest books.
  • Unlocks the catwalk game
  • Unlocks the fame booster

*This excludes VIP members

Level 8


Level Title Fame Required
0 Unknown 0
1 Beginner 3
2 Rookie 43
3 Wannabe 229
4 Amateur 1,365
5 Junior Star 2,140
6 Rising Star 4,948
7 Cute Star 10,093
8 Fun Star 18,797
9 Social Star 32,648
10 Stylish Star 53,648

Level Level Title Fame Required
11 Liked Star 84,261
12 Movie Star 127,461
13 Known Movie Star 186,780
14 In Demand Movie Star 266,356
15 Professional Movie Star 370,981
16 Must Watch Movie Star 506,159
17 Loved Movie Star 678,104
18 Followed Movie Star 893,888
19 Ace Movie Star 1,161,389
20 Entertaining Movie Star 1,489,389

Level Level Title Fame Required
21 Loveable Movie Star 1,887,612
22 Famous Movie Star 2,366,772
23 Cool Movie Star 2,938,612
24 Beloved Movie Star 3,615,997
25 Fashionable Movie Star 4,412,872
26 Lifestyle Movie Star 5,344,400
27 Trendsetter Movie Star 6,426,965
28 Recommended Movie Star 7,678,229
29 Upcoming Movie Star 9,117,180
30 Headline Movie Star 10,764,180

Level Level Title Fame Required
31 Party Movie Star 12,641,013
32 Hero Movie Star 14,770,933
33 Memorable Movie Star 17,178,712
34 Socialite Movie Star 19,890,688
35 Trending Movie Star 22,934,813
36 Superb Movie Star 26,340,701
37 Busy Movie Star 30,139,676
38 Hot Topic Movie Star 34,364,820
39 Connected Movie Star TBA
40 Talented Movie Star 44,235,021

Level Level Title Fame Required
41 Super Cool Movie Star 49,955,464
42 Upvoted Movie Star 56,252,944
43 Inspirational Movie Star 63,166,929
44 Winning Movie Star TBA
45 Exclusive Movie Star TBA
46 Pop Movie Star TBA
47 Chic Movie Star 97,959,237
48 Guru Movie Star 108,686,660
49 OMG Movie Star 120,334,652
50 Trophy Movie Star 132,958,912

Level Level Title Fame Required
51 Great Movie Star 146,621,965
52 Top Movie Star 161,385,805
53 Awesome movie star 177,315,644
54 Super Winning Movie Star TBA
55 Gifted Movie Star TBA
56 Award Movie Star TBA
57 Crowned Movie Star TBA
58 Experienced Movie Star 276,916,752
59 Bold Movie Star 301,356,853
60 Celebrity Movie Star 327,676,111

Level Level Title Fame Required
61 Super Movie Star 355,351,516
62 Rock Star Movie Star TBA
63 Sparkling Movie Star TBA
64 Extremely Cool Movie Star TBA
65 Extreme Hero Movie Star TBA
66 Valuable Movie Star TBA
67 Accolade Movie Star TBA
68 Major Movie Star TBA
69 Beautiful Movie Star TBA
70 Expressionist Movie Star TBA

Level Level Title Fame Required
71 Extreme Movie Star TBA
72 Professional Movie Star TBA
73 Amazing Movie Star TBA
74 Monster Movie Star TBA
75 Jaunty Movie Star TBA
76 Super Hero Movie Star TBA
77 Super Sparkling Movie Star TBA
78 Rare moviestar TBA
79 Fantastic Movie Star TBA
80 Enterprising Movie Star TBA

Level Level Title Fame Required
81 Supreme Movie Star TBA
82 Royal Movie Star TBA
83 Glittering Movie Star TBA
84 Out There Movie Star TBA
85 Incredible Movie Star TBA
86 Super Incredible Movie Star TBA
87 Epic Winning Movie Star TBA
88 Elite Movie Star TBA
89 Executive MovieStar TBA
90 Millionaire Movie Star TBA

Level Level Title Fame Required
91 Mega Movie Star TBA
92 Giga Movie Star TBA
93 Majestic Movie Star TBA
94 Epic Movie Star TBA
95 Legendary Movie Star TBA
96 Exceptional Movie Star TBA
97 Golden Movie Star TBA
98 Diamond Movie Star TBA
99 Extreme Sparkling Movie Star TBA
100 Platinum Movie Star TBA

Level Level Title Fame Required
101 Lifetime Movie Star TBA


  • Before an update in January 2014 reworked the entire leveling system, the maximum level reachable was level 25. Prior to that, a couple of levels were added overtime. The updated level system was initially tested on the IE server before moving to the other servers.
  • As a result of the levels update in January 2014, all moviestars' levels were increased.

Glitches & Errors

  • The level titles seen when the player hovers over another user's level on their mini-profile reflect the old titles. This also causes newer levels to have no titles. (Unpatched)
  • The number for level 100 on mini-profiles goes off the star. (Unpatched)

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