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Fashionable Movie Star
Member Since: November 2013
Alexsandra 2003 (4th)
mangel the fox 666
Lilja20107 is regular user on the US server, she is a level 25 (Fashionable Movie Star)


Lilja20107 originally played under the name Liljalilja in November 2012, but later abandoned it for a year, then she created the account she is playing on now, she mostly makes artbooks about her best friends or casting for her movie series. She likes to work on movies with her best friend Pyjama Sorceress, most of her best friends on her profile are best friends from her from real life.

She quit MSP on April 2014, but she came back on December 2014 and has been active since then.

Usual Appearance and Style

Lilja20107 has brown eyes, a light pink lip tone and and a light tanned skin tone. Her looks can be mostly pastel, or looks matching from the current theme. Her outfits are mostly of her twinning with her best friends in real life and on MSP. She also likes to try different styles like grunge, etc.


  • Her sister's account is Sunna1011
  • fjóla321, Alexsandra 2003 and Emily Throne <3 are her best friends in real life.
  • She has a moshi monsters account
  • In september 2015, her best friends got her account VIP for her birthday.
  • Her backup is called Lily The Unicorno
  • She is 13.
  • Her favourite food is donuts.
  • She isnt an american.
  • Her favourite animal are Unicorns.
  • She has a youtube channel with her best friend in real life (Alexsandra 2003) that is called Alex and Lily MSP
  • Even though her username is Lilja, she likes to be called Lily

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