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Jaunty Movie Star
Member Since: April, 2014
Cookiemonster cx (Backup)

MODELPEEPS113 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (CA). She is level 75 (Jaunty Movie Star), and is currently ranked 1st on the CA highscores leaderboard.


MODELPEEPS113 is best known for her movies, artbooks and looks. She has become known for her relationship with another highscore movie star GABBYTHEDUDE. She mostly levels up from fame earned in movies and artbooks, her movies receive an average of 2,000+ views. She has posted a couple photos starring her rabbit.

Her relationship with GABBYTHEDUDE ended after she accused him of trying to compromise her.


  • Her name is Charlee.
  • Her profile has received over 229,539+ views
  • Her pet rabbit is named Romeo.
  • Her backup used to be: MODELPEEPS11BACKUP
  • She regularly buys diamond packs and has spent over 370,000 diamonds.

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