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Maxine1x is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 23 (Cool MovieStar).


Maxine1x, also known as Max or Tina, initially started MSP on August 1st, 2012, under the username "Roxy the cool123". On that account, she became known through her close friendship with OhhItzAutumn and later her short movies and pastel goth looks. The account was deleted in early 2015, but she returned on this account in September 2015.

Tina is now known for her close friendship with Lushhh, for winning the "Scream Team" contest "Why to join?" with her artbook "Join Scream Team! ;)", and for winning the "A-Lister" contest "Create a better world". She was noticed by "Lushhh" at a low level and has gained most of her fame through starring in her movies. Tina also gains some fame through her own artbooks and giveaways. When she's online, Tina makes artbooks and participates in competitions.

Tina's movies are mainly movie series and short movies. They are usually about quotes about life.
Tina's artbooks are usually about explaining things, competitions, thanking her friends, and activities for her team, "Team Twisters". Her most popular artbook is "Join Scream Team! ;)" with over 200 loves.

Usual Appearance and Style

Tina has olive green "Pretty Perfect" eyes, light pink "Cherry Gloss" lips, a pointed nose, and a deep tan skin tone. Her style is mainly "girly" and random. She usually wears looks others make of her, and usually wears "Night Jewel" earrings with her outfit. Her looks are often team-related, and she uses a variety of different colors.


  • Her real name is Tina.
  • She's on this wiki under the username Tinistasxo
  • She met her boyfriend "Nick (Lol)" and her best friend ?sommertimelol1" on a virtual world game called Secretbuilders.
  • Her favorite food is pasta, rice, and salad.
  • She's from Slovenia.
  • Her favorite colors are purple and black.
  • Her favorite artists are Shawn Mendes and Timeflies.
  • She has ombre hair.
  • Her favorite song is "Amy" by Timeflies.
  • She used to have a team under the name "Twisters Official".
  • In real life she has two best friend named Melanie and Tian.
  • Her best friend Melanie is on moviestarplanet US under the name"hannah montana1m"
  • she goes to solo singing and plays the piano,guitar and drums.
  • Shes a part of a collaborated team JJAL.

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