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Entertaining Movie Star
Member Since: June, 2013
Majestic Youth

Mollybella6 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 20 (Entertaining Movie Star).

About & History

Mollybella6 played on this account until in 2014, when her account was compromised. She couldn't log into her account so she played a different account; Ilovepupster. Once she got her original account back, she has used it ever since. Mollybella6 usually levels up with the help of fame booster and autographs. She has become known for her youtube with her sisters called 5 Fab Geeks. She has also gained recognition with the help of her 4 sisters. Mollybella6 usually makes an artbook every week. She likes to make fun artbooks, but also competitions for the clubs that she is in. Mollybella6 used to make movies very often, but doesn't make them anymore.  

Usual Appearance & Style

Mollybella6 has bright blue eyes, a pointy nose with freckles, pale pink lips, and a tan skin tone.  Her style is girly out 'wild'. She usually uses the colors teal, baby blue, light pink, light yellow, and light purple in her outfits. 


  • Her birthday is December 21st.
  • She loves animals, and her favorite animals are dogs.
  • She shares a YouTube channel called "5 Fab Geeks" with four of her sisters. It can be found here.
  • She has 5 sisters and two brothers.
  • She enjoys training and playing with dogs.
  • She has two backup accounts: Ilovepupster & Loulou198.
  • She likes to eat.
  • Her favorite candy is jolly ranchers.
  • Her real name is Molly, but she prefers to go by her nickname Loulou.
  • Her lucky number is 6.
  • She enjoys watching YouTube videoa and playing videos games such as Roblox, Ark, Minecraft, and Msp.
  • She has some sisters that play Moviestarplanet, and their accounts are Ashbpink21, Njp08, Doglove2015, and Bebear123.
  • She has had 4 dogs in her lifetime. 

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