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MovieStar MSP
Headline Movie Star
MovieStar MSP
Member Since: November, 2011

MovieStar MSP was a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (FI). She was level 30 (Headline MovieStar).


MovieStar MSP initially gained her fame through being one of the main characters in Lentävä's movie, "Joulukalenteri" (Advent calendar), in 2011, but by 2012 she'd created a name for herself through her own movies.

MovieStar MSP's movies were mainly movie series, all of which were discontinued, but she made some short movies, too. Her most watched movie was "MSP Putous 2013 jakso 1" with around 1,000 views. She also made random artbooks. Her most loved artbook was "Kesäloma vs koulu" (Summer vacation vs school) with over 1,000 loves.

She quit in 2017. She was locked out forever at some point in late 2017 or early 2018, presumably due to inactivity.

She recreated the account with the username "MovieStar MSPVampyyri" in May 2018, where she uploads her former account's looks and pets as photos. This account is currently level 5 (Junior Star).

Usual Appearance and Style

MovieStar MSP had cherry red lips, bright blue eyes, and a light tan skin tone. She was wearing Gryffindor clothes and had red-ish hair when she was locked out.

She had many different styles and usually wore a specific look for each month every year, mainly based on VIP packs, along with a Halloween look and a New Year look.

MovieStar MSP also had a look for the London 2012 Summer Olympics, and she wore Brazilian clothes during the 2014 FIFA World Cup and Rio 2016 Olympics. This look has been uploaded as a photo by Amy Rose the Girl Hedgehog and the photo might be used as a replacement for the account MovieStar MSP during future FIFA World Cups.

Additionally, she had looks based on popular characters, such as Katniss from The Hunger Games and Anna from Frozen.

Her most loved look was "Timantti 1 lookki" (Diamond 1 look) with around 180 loves as of 2015.


  • MovieStar MSP had up to 10 bets friends at once, although only 3 we're shown on her profile.
  • MovieStar MSP is one of the few users to change their username. MovieStar MSP was originally called "MSP tyyppi". (The word "tyyppi" can be used to refer to a person.)
  • MovieStar MSP had 18 pets.
    • 17 of her pets were retired pets or boonies.
    • Her first pet, Jouluinen boonie (the pet from the Christmas VIP pack 2011) was level 10 and in the top 14 pets in Finnish MSP.
  • In 2013, MovieStar MSP bought the Safer Internet Day 2013 T-shirt in every color but later she gave away every shirt except the white one.
  • Before MovieStar MSP decided to use that account, she had made many "weekly users" which she deleted after they reached level 3, but before deleting them, she gave everything they had to the "next weekly user". She decided to quit making "weekly users" because they couldn't reach level 3 fast enough and decided to do one user to represent every style. The last weekly user gave everything to MovieStar MSP.
  • Some people mistook her for a moderator even though she wasn't and never claimed to be one.
  • MovieStar MSP wore birthday clothes every November during her time on MSP.
  • MovieStar MSP's room had almost 20,000 loves, which makes it one of the top 21 most loved rooms in Finnish MSP as of 2015.
  • She had a club called "Arvoitus klubi" (Riddle club) that had around 50 members.
  • She was a VIP member for a year 3 times. Besides that, she also got 11 StarCoin packs and at least one shorter VIP membership.
  • She was a Celeb for a long time, before she lost her Celeb status in the spring of 2016.