Movies are a creative feature in MovieStarPlanet on all servers that allows players to create movies with the use of speech bubbles, backgrounds, items, music, animations, and users.. Creating and/or watching movies rewards the player with various amounts of fame and StarCoins depending on the rating and the amount of views.


  • For each moviestar added to a movie, the player will earn 8 Fame and 1 StarCoin.
  • Movies have been part of MovieStarPlanet since the launch of the game.
  • Besides other users, there are sample characters in a category called "extras" with premade characters that can be put in your movie.
  • Before Pixi Star and Zac Sky were added, there were extras named Samantha and Sam.
  • If you made a movie before Pixi Star and Zac Sky were added, you will see them as "Samantha" and "Sam" but they will still be wearing their original outfit.
  • Before an update in 2012, it was impossible to edit movies after they were published.

Glitches & Errors

  • Movies can't be watched if the creator of the movie isn't in them. (Patched)
  • Moviestars get speech bubbles that say the same thing as a previous speech bubble. It is triggered by editing said previous speech bubble. It is unaware why this glitch exists. (Unpatched)
  • Players can take the movie actor out of the scene and place it on their character. (Patched)
  • Players can edit unpublished movies made by others if the creator of the movie commented on it. (Patched)
  • Players can add any user (who hasn't blocked them) to their movies by minimizing the message window. (Patched)
  • Players can make any moviestar use another's animations. (Unpatched)
  • The Comments at Movies just show "Username" and "Date". (unpatched)

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