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Pink Money
Pink Money

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hotboy5833, julit2345

Pink Money is a regular user of MovieStarPlanet (US). She is Level 11 (). She rose to notorious popularity after the rumor that she caused Donnie C and Pumpchkin to break up.

Pink Nation

Pink has her own team ~Pink Nation~ that not many know about. The team is relatively "underground", and some have become worried that it is a team to take over Moviestarplanet. This is false, Pink Nation was created to support people with cancer. Pink has not plotted anything, and keeps quiet on her wall filled with hate and rude comments and instead writes in artbooks. Although people are still suspicious, there has been no real reason to be. Pink is not on Team Pump, but for a reason unknown. She may have faced opposition from Team Pump that caused her to leave the team and create her own. No one is completely sure who she is - her identity remains a mystery to many, but people still continue to believe. She caused Pumpchkin and Donnie C to break up by saying that they were the same person.

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