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Profile is a…Basic view about a user on MSP. It shows many things like, levels, and recent activities.

About and Past

Profiles are best known for there icon called, guestbook, were users can talk and say their opinions on a user, without directly private messaging them. They also can be used to advertise someone's movies and artbooks etc.

You can also see how many people looked at your profile at the bottom and when the user started playing the game on that account. User's profiles looked very different in the past. If you click the artbooks, looks etc button, you will see how many of those a user created.

You can also see a user's wishlist and maybe get them something off of it. You can also see a user's favorite of something they made on MSP. If a user has not done something on MSP recently, then their profile will be mostly empty. User's Best friend's and/or boyfriend/girlfriend will also be on someone's profile. You can also like a avatar's status on MSP on their profile.


The bio is a space were a user can say what they wanna put into the profile. They can change their bio anytime they want. MSP has a template for the bio, but you don't need to use it if you don't want to


  • MSP profile (not mine) [1]
  • People also call the guestbook GB
  • It has been updated a few times
  • Many people share love or hate on GB
  • It has been here since the release of MSP in 2009
  • Everyone has one
  • In some servers like UK MSP, there is chat ban at a certain time, (which means that you can't talk to others on go into chatrooms), so, users tend to use the GB as a way to talk\
  • The profile also updated along the time in 2013, were a lot of other icons were changing
  • Sometimes the profile glitches and may say a date when you played MSP, but that's not the real date
  • You have to be level 6 to talk in GB's
    Absolzoey profile 02
    .Sonic the Hedgehog-MainPage

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