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Profiles display many features you can do with another user and yourself.

There are two parts to any profile on an MSP user. When you first click a user, it brings you their basic introducing profile (or "mini profile") that shows what they are saying in their status, what the person is wearing, who she/he is best friends with, and who the person is dating. It also, of course, lists the person's username and tells whether you are friends or more than that with the person. Here is an example of a profile:

You can also do the following things with the person:

  • View their full profile
  • Visit the person's house
  • Message them privately
  • Give them an autograph 
  • Gift them a gift
  • Trade items/clothes with them

On the person's full profile, you can again see who they are best friends with and dating, but you can do more things. You can view the comments in their guestbook (commonly known as their "wall"), view their designs, movies, artbooks, looks, and the videos in their playlists. There is a section where the person can list their favorite things from each section. You can also see their bio, their achievements, and what is on their wishlist that you can buy for them. You can again visit their room as you see an actual picture of the living room before you enter, and you can even see a picture of the upper part of their avatar. Here is another example of a profile:


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