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Pop Movie Star
Member Since: August, 2011

Rdkitkat is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 46 (Pop Movie Star).


Rdkitkat is best known for her comedic movies which vary in topics. She initially gained recognition through her artbooks and movies and then gained additional recognition through her friendship with the user "#6315594519- kyle*", which led to a friendship with highscoring moviestar Mybeau. She was fully inactive from July, 2013, to the end of 2014, and was relatively inactive until early 2015. Her inactivity resulted in a downfall and loss of support and recognition from others, however, not all was lost. Currently, she gains most of her fame from her own movies, autographs, and starring in friends' movies. While on MSP, she mainly makes movies and artbooks, and chats with friends and fans. She also makes MSP edits which she posts off-site.

Usual Appearance and Style

Rdkitkat has light green "Pretty Perfect" eyes, slightly bright pink "Cherry Gloss" lips, light skin, and a pointed nose. She normally wears eye makeup and black blush along with freckles. The colors she uses vary upon looks, however, she generally sticks to brighter colors and most often wears pink. Her overall style is girly and generally based off of the current season, but it can vary depending on whether or not she is wearing another user's look.


  • She has an Instagram under the username CharleysMspEditscx and a YouTube channel which can be found here.
  • She is "Charley Angel15" on the UK server.
  • She loves cheese.
  • Her name is Charley.
  • She is a teenager.

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