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Redandblack2222 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 23 (Cool Movie Star)


Redandblack2222 is mainly known for her inspirational behavior. She loves making inspirational artbooks, but fails for getting attention on them. Her highest rated movie was "School" for having 59 views. Even though she isn't close to them, she is friends with Jadiel100, OCTAVIA999, and ItzJerz backup account, JerseyPie. She is also on multiple teams, like Porters and Jewels. She gets her fame from autographs, greets, fame wheel, or by being on fame booster.

Usual Appearance And Style

Redandblack2222 has green "Pretty Perfect" eyes, light pink "Cherry Gloss" lips, and tanned skin. She usually makes her own outfits, but sometimes she wears looks her friends make. Her outfits mainly consist of the color white, as she thinks it blends good with a lot of colors. She often wears multicolored hair or blonde hair. Her style consist of girly things but rarely she will wear tennis shoes with the looks she make. Her looks always consist of a head item, some pairs of earrings, rosey cheeks, belly bling and bracelets.


  • Her real name is Alyssa.
  • Her favorite colors is white and pink.
  • Her favorite food is watermelon.
  • She used to play MSP in 2014, but she forgot the password to the account.
  • She loves Harry Potter and Doctor Who
  • She is a victim of bullying in real life
  • Her birthday is on December 15th
  • She used to have a Youtube account, but she quitted on it, because of low views.
  • She loves making Artbooks and dreams of one day being on the Highscores.
  • Her username "Redandblack2222" was made because she was once a big fan of the colors red and black

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