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Top Movie Star
Member Since: March, 2016

RichieOllie is a regular user on MyStarPlanet (ES). He is level 52 (Top Movie Star), and on the 9th spot of the ES high scores board but usually features on page one due to others not logging on.(RichieOllie is a quit user)


RichieOllie is best known for his close friendship with Jesica2001. Both he and Jesica started adding each other in each of their movies, which has gained recognition for both of them. He has also become known through his short movies. After he started making three movies a day, Richie and three other people went on double fame and watched each other's movies. Doing this caused him to go from level 16 to level 25 in less than a week. Since then, he has leveled up through watching his own movies.
His artbooks mainly show dedication to his girlfriend and friends. His most loved artbook is named "Too Jesica2001". His movies now gain from 100 to 600 views depending on the name of the movie.

When Richie started the Spain server, he was compromised, and due to this, he took a months break. He was compromised again and locked out forever because of a falling out with a friend, but he eventually got his user back.

Richie is currently inactive on MSP and his instagram is also inactive but his msp account but still makes fame due to pets and he gets friends to look after his account so change clothes and feed pets and also keep his user on high scores. Richie started being less active at the end of 2016 because he was too old for the game.

Usual Appearance and Style

Richie has olive green eyes, lips with a black lip ring, a freckled nose, and a tanned skintone. He often wears the colors black, gray, and white. He generally wears black and blonde hair and clothing from the current weekly theme. His style is towards the dark/gothic side. He likes to where crop tops with jeans on his user to show people on spain that he has a different style.


  • He loves dogs.
  • He speaks English and French, but he is trying to learn Spanish.
  • He has over 200 accounts on the Spain server to watch his movies.
  • His real name is Ollie
  • His favorite colors are green, black, and grey.
  • He met Jesica2001 in a chatroom, and within 3 weeks they were best friends.
  • His USA Msp is under the name of Disgruntled.
  • He's close friendship DJ Lily has started a 'Craze' named BETTTTTSS..
  • He has an instagram account. Find it here

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