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Rock Star Movie Star
Member Since: February, 2014

RiLeY@SaHs is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). He is level 65 (Extreme Hero Movie Star) and is on the 3rd page of high scores.


Riley's fame grew when he joined Team Pump and became almost inseparable friends with Vivi Giovanni in 2013, which eventually evolved into a temporary relationship. Shortly after Pumpchkin broke up with Donnie C, she confessed her love for Riley, which gained him a lot of attention. He is best known for his once-close friendship with Pumpchkin that evolved into a relationship, led to them getting engaged, and is now considered an on-off relationship.

Riley decided to delete his original account and deactivate his Twitter account on February 24th, 2014. He later returned as a new user under the same username and is now the main "Porter Boy".

Movies, Artbooks and Looks


Riley's movies are usually short, one episode movies with a theme. Occasionally he will create a movie series about various topics or a humorous series about one particular topic. Riley doesn't make long movie series with characters and plots. He uses real life and his friends as the inspiration for his movies, and usually does not change his friends' names.


Riley's artbooks are sometimes made to thank a friend or congratulate them, but most of them are for expressing his love towards his girlfriend, Pumpchkin, or his feelings towards his friends. Recently, he has also made artbooks about his 'Reezy' modeling competitions.


Many guys on MSP like buying looks from Riley. They usually get a lot of loves. The majority of Riley's looks are created to match with Pumpchkin's outfit at that time.


  • His real name is Duke.
  • He has a twitter account.
  • He has a backup called "boston boi".
  • He has a YouTube channel under the username Riley Sahs.
  • His Supporters are called $hasporters.
  • His favorite singers are Drake, Partynextdoor, Banks, Rihanna, Father & FKA Twigs.
  • His Favorite show is "The Boondocks".
  • His nickname is Boston.
  • He likes to say the word "Bro" alot.
  • In 2016, Riley launched his own MSP fashion line called "REEZY"

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