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Majestic Movie Star
Member Since: May, 2014

RotiKhaase is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is level 93 (Majestic Movie star), and is in the 1st spot on the UK server's highscores board.


RotiKhaase became known through her movie series. Her first movie series was "Letting Go", and her most successful movie series was "Damaged". She has completed around 60+ movie series all getting thousands of views and counting. She has now, due to her many successful series, surpassed the user ishacool as the highest levelled player in the UK server.

Usual Appearance and Style

RotiKhaase has light brown eyes and pink lips. She usually wears outfits and clothes based on the current theme (even though she doesn't like all themes) and wears them in a variety of colours, which are normally shades of purple, green, pink, turquoise and yellow. She makes looks as part of her YouTube content and sorts them out through VIP & Non-VIP on MovieStarPlanet, making them accessable to everyone.


  • She has a YouTube channel which can be found here.
  • She also has a YouTube channel on which she uploads her movies which can be found here.

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