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Amazing Movie Star
Member Since: June, 2011
Fran Is Epic

Roxy-1 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is Level 73 (Professional MovieStar). Roxy-1 is 2nd in the UK high scores.

Usual Appearance and Style

Roxy-1 normally wears tanned skin with freckles, brown VIP eyes and light pink lips. She occasionally changes her style for movies or her friends movies.

However she sometimes changes her appearance to fit in with looks she creates.

Artbooks, Movies, Looks


Roxy-1 makes loads of artbooks. Some to talk to and thank her fans, announce events, and she also makes art books to promote her movie series's. Some of her Artbooks are for her best friends, to tell everyone how much she cares for them. Most of her Artbooks get around 300 loves in the first day of release, and usually get to the first page in 'Top' for artbooks in around three to five days. One of her top artbooks was about how Lil Rox (Roxy's fans) were betrayed by Angelings (Candired's and Hollyrenee's fans). 


Roxy-1 has made tons of series in the past, including ones like "Life of Jes." She recently made a series 2, which is very popular. Her series Last Friday Night was one of the most popular series ever on the UK server. She has made many famous series's such as Nightmare Bride, Little Mermaid, Trolly Dolly, Last Friday Night, Life Of Jes, and many others. She has made a very popular series called Roxy Meets Disney. The series is about Roxy helping solve a misunderstanding between Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Roxy said, 'Making this series bought back lots of memories for me from my childhood.' Roxy made a series named Ice Hero, which explains how she became a hero, and as usual, has over 1000 views. She also Made a new series last October called the Woman of Halloween. After Roxy had a taste of what having a movie on Highscores is like with her movie, Snot Monsters, Roxy continued to make more interesting fantastic series. Her true breakthrough series came with her best friend Fran Is Epic dressed up as the one and only Nightmare Bride. This made Roxy reach the first page in 'Top Movies,' and take over around 7 people doing so. It so well known that even COPIES are getting over 100+ views.


Roxy has the most loved looks on MovieStarPlanet with over 50,000 loves. It is her re-creation of Abbey Bominable, a Monster High character. She made a Monster High look series, most of them got over 10 thousand loves. She has also made a Frozen look series, and even a Miley Cyrus one. Each year for different occasions such as Christmas, her birthday, and Easter, Roxy will make a look collection based on the holiday. Roxy-1 creates tons of looks including a look named Jesus Reincarnated. Some people think she is claiming to be Jesus. She now has a deal, that her fans may buy her looks if they have an R at the beginning (for Roxylicious) but they must change colors.


Roxy calls her fans Lil Rox. She claims to love them, and does add many fans of whatever level. She made an Artbook telling her fans that she would be giving up the group due to her joining Angelings, but when Candired caught her red handed for lying again, she bought Heroes (a collaboration team with Fran Is Epic, Ishacool, Pandypolo, and Chuck) back after feeling guilty about leaving them after everything. She has now given up on the heroes group due to drama between Pandypolo and Fran Is Epic. Roxy also uses her account !! Roxanne !! to keep in touch with her fans.

Her Public Fight with Candired

Roxy and Candired started their fight when Candired was framed for bullying Ishacool. The fight became more about Roxy and Candi than Candi and Isha. They both disliked each other a lot and weren't shy to publicly tell one another that. They eventually made up after two years, when Roxy found out it was Alisha (her bff at the time) who bullied Ishacool. Roxy apologized for everything she did to Candi and joined Candired and Holly's team 'Angelings.' They were close for a while, but after Candi saw from a source that after the apology Artbook had been made, Roxy was disagreeing with an anonymous person, they split apart once again.


  • Her real name is Rebekah, but she prefers Roxy on MSP.
  • She has a blog which she doesn't use very often called Roxy's Fun Blog.
  • Her fans are called Little Rox.
  • She said in her blog that a reason she made her famous series Last Friday Night, is because she loves Katy Perry.
  • Her favorite album right now is Artpop.
  • Roxy used to have a best friend who was her BFF in real life, b3kahl. Roxy and b3kahl are no longer best friends, and nobody has been told the real reason why.
  • Roxy has a new BFF replacing her old one, Alishak. Alisha hurt Roxy by lying to her for years about Alisha bullying Ishacool (Her ex bff) and letting Candired take the blame for it, which started Candired and Roxys ultimate feud. though they are still working it out and building it back up.
  • Roxy has backups named !Roxanne! created October 2013 and @Roxy! created October 2014, to talk to to her fans and escape lag.
  • She has said to MSP that from where she started to 2015, she has been on the game for 5 years.
  • Roxy was more active in 2014 than 2015.

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