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Samantha (Extra)
Year Introduced: 2008
Appearances: See Section

Samantha (also known as "Samantha (extra)") was a character on MovieStarPlanet from 2009 to 2015. In 2015, she and her account were replaced by Pixi Star.


Name Type Category
Big-tails Hair Styled
Trashy Life Tops T-shirts & Tank tops
TBA (Retired) Bottoms TBA
Gladiators Footwear Shoes
Fancy Hat Accessories Hats


  • She was the host of the casting game, but was replaced by Pixi Star. (Release of feature - March 2015.)
  • She was a movie extra. (Release of feature - March 2015.)


  • Prior to the Pixi Star update, the (Samantha's) account appeared to be "locked out" or deleted.
  • There has been rumors that the "Love MSP Theme" with the 'Bring Back Samantha Shirt" means MSP may bring her back.

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