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Sara Tah
Rock Star Movie Star
Sara Tah
Member Since: February, 2014
Santiago Nilmar

Sara Tah is a regular user on MyStarPlanet (ES). She is level 62 (Rock Star Movie Star), and is 2nd on the ES servers highscores board.


Sara Tah is best known for her short movies, which always reaches the top page of the weekly movie highscores. Her most viewed movie is "Big City -1" which has over 1,100 views. She gains the majority of her fame from her short movies, and also gains some through her artbooks, awards, and starring in her friends' movies. Her artbooks are mainly for the weekly competitions, jokes, or related to a special occasion. Her most loved artbook is "Can you see it?" with over 470 loves.

When she's online, Sara Tah talks with her friends and best friends, makes short movies, makes artbooks, and gives wishlist gifts and autographs.

Usual Appearance and Style

Sara Tah has dark brown "Pretty Perfect" eyes, a pointy nose, a tan skin tone, and strawberry-pink "Cherry Gloss" lips. She normally has a tomboy style, and she often wears hats/caps. She almost always wears an outfit in blue and orange colors and light brown hair. Her looks are usually based on the weekly theme.


  • Her goal is to have no enemies.
  • Her favorite colors are blue and orange.
  • She is from Norway.
  • She has an account on the NO server, which is level 39.
  • She has another account on this server under the username "Heisann".
  • She loves Nightcore.

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