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Awesome movie star
Member Since: August 15, 2011
guRLofDarkkNess (4thy)

ScarletMartin1 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 53 (Awesome Movie Star).


ScarletMartin1 is best known for her team, "The Unseen" which has almost 230 members ^_^. She is known to be a big supporter of nine users, as she gives autographs to the users daily with eightteen of her backup accounts. The users are 8 of her 12 besties that get online...
Scarlet makes artbooks every so often and they are usually about her movie series', her team, the teams she supports or events such as "Can She Get To The Next Level?" which is her most loved. She once had an artbook with over 20,208 loves that reached the top of the weekly artbook highscores which was just like it, but it was deleted by the MSP Staff. Her movies mainly consist of movie series', such as 'Life of Vidia', "Life of Jayzelle" and "Super Rockers", "Shining Light", "DeathRoars", "Might Even Be A Popstar" & her new series: Warnings At Waverly Academy, which is Nancy drew, not disney inspired!

Usual Appearance And Style

ScarletMartin1 has teal Asian eyes, pink lips, a normal nose, and an almost white skin tone. Her hair is almost always short and black. Her style is mainly gothic. She usually wears darker colors, such as black, dark teal, and dark gray, but does occasionally wear lighter colors, such as light blue, teal, aqua, pastel purple, and pastel pink.


  • Her account was previously called "ScarletMartin"; however, when she lost or deleted the account, the username had already been taken. She retrieved her account and her username was changed to "ScarletMartin1".
  • Her movie series "Super Rockers" is about superheroes that hide their identities by being superstars such as: One Republic, Natasha Bedingfield, and Ariana Grande and many other singers.
  • Her movie series "Life of Jayzelle" is the continuation of "The Extraterrestrial Life of Zara", "Zara (The Reddon Door)", and "Zara II (The Treddon Door)".
  • Her movie series "Shining Light" is also on YouTube and has 79 episodes. It is about two families that have a teenager (Ashton family) and a young child (Williamson family) with some form of cancer and have guardian angels.

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