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Short movies! ()
Entertaining Movie Star
Member Since: June, 2014
alyssa rock
Hailey Belieber

Short movies! () is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet. (US) She is level 20. (Entertaining Movie Star)


Short movies! () has become known through users, "Obey Panda" and "FuzzyTurtle123" on her old account, "webgirl999". She has quit MSP, but comes online every once in a while.
She doesn't make a lot of artbooks. Her movies are mainly short movies.

Usual Appearance and Style

Short movies! () has blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes, lip pink lips, a tan skin tone, and a pointy nose. She often wears blonde or black hair. She usually wears grey, black, white, and pink.


  • She used to have two accounts called "webgirl999" and "sillylovelol101".

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