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Rock Star Movie Star
Member Since: February, 2013

Skrilla is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). He is level 60 (Celebrity Movie Star).


He is best known for his close relationship with the "Dream Team" and Donnie C.

Skrilla got a lot of popularity when one of his ex-girlfriends got into a dispute with Vivi Giovanni. The conflict escalated, and according to VIvi, the girl continued to harrass Vivi on her wall, making the conflict public. To get revenge, Vivi began flirting with the girl's then boyfriend - Skrilla. Vivi made an artbook with Skrilla in it about the event, and started dating Skrilla. In that time, Skrilla converted teams and he was accepted by the Dream Team. He was featured in many of Pump's artbooks and movies. After Vivi and Skrilla split, they stayed friends. Donnie C, TanaMan' and Skrilla also became close friends during that time. 

Since he was getting so much recognition on the Dream Team, Skrilla made his own team in Team Pump called "Skrilla's Dubs".


Like many other members of Team Pump, Skrilla has some problems with hate. However, most of the hate isn't directed towards him alone.

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